Ascent Solar prepares for external testing

Thornton Colo-based Ascent Solar has completed an internal qualification of a packaging solution for its flexible monolithically integrated CIGS modules. According to the company the solution passed the standard of one thousand (1 000) hours of damp heat testing (85% relative humidity and 85

° C temperature) guideline set forth by IEC 61646 standards for performance and long term reliability of thin film solar modules. Ascent said the initiative means it is ready for certification of its products by external agencies. Dr. Farhad Moghadam CEO of the company said the certification also means Ascent is now well placed to meet the requirements of its initial production from the 30 MW high volume manufacturing plant. Production is scheduled to start early next year. In July this year the company had claimed that it had achieved its initial target module efficiency goal of 10.0% for its flexible CIGS monolithically integrated modules. The US Department of Energy's National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) according to the company had independently verified that the modules measured as high as 10.4% in conversion efficiency. The modules tested at NREL were standard 429 cm2 modules produced by the company's 1.5MW production line that was put into commercial production in the first quarter of 2009. The company considers module efficiency of 10.0% to be a vital element of its low-cost-per-watt manufacturing goal in high volume.

8th September 2009 Thin Film Today news deskSourceSource:

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